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The PC’s after fighting off Bandits who came to Olegs to collect extortion they traveled to the main bandit camp. Fighting and killing all but one who ran off. Kesten Garess has shown up and is going to garrison Olegs. To help with protecting the trading post.

The PC’s heard from Kesten about Kobolds in the country side and they set out to find their lair. They also heard about a haunted river crossing, which they came across first. Natia decided to try and climb the rope and fell into the river drowing. The undead that now haunts the crossing has asked for the Stag Lord so that he may join him in watery death.

Book 1: The Stolen Lands
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Bearing a Charter from the Mayor of Restov granting the rights to explore and map the section of the Stolen Lands known as the Greenbelt. You make your way south past the southern edge of rural Rostland to a small remote outpost.


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